About LRS

What is the NH Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)?

A non-profit public service of the New Hampshire Bar Association, the NH Lawyer Referral Service was created in the 1960’s to provide consumers with guidance on selecting and hiring a qualified lawyer who is conveniently located and handles the consumer’s particular legal matter.  LRS attorneys are all members  of the New Hampshire Bar Association, licensed to practice in NH, and carry malpractice insurance.


How Does the NH Lawyer Referral Service Work?

If you believe you have a legal problem and would like to speak with an attorney, call the NH Lawyer Referral Service at (603) 229-0002, or submit an online referral request.  Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, and 9:00AM – 3:00 PM on Fridays. A referral consultant will ask you a few questions to help you find the right attorney.  If it is determined that you need a lawyer, you will be given the name and telephone number of an attorney who handles your type of case.  You then contact the lawyer to make an appointment to discuss your legal problem. The consultation may be by phone or in person, depending upon your and the lawyer’s preference.  LRS will send you a follow-up confirmation form and a brief profile of the lawyer.

The NH Lawyer Referral Service maintains a continuously updated database of attorneys who handle over 30 categories of law.  LRS also has additional information that may be useful in your search for an attorney, including what languages an attorney speaks, who will visit clients at home or in the hospital, and whether his or her office is handicapped accessible.

If your matter does not require legal representation, the LRS staff may refer you to an appropriate government or social service agency.


What Does it Cost?

There is no fee for the referral and attorneys agree not to charge you more than $25 for the initial consultation of up to 30 minutes (if at all).  At that time, the attorney should discuss his or her fees with you. Once you have met with the attorney, if it is determined that further legal service is required, the fee arrangement is between you and the lawyer.   Attorneys referred through LRS charge standard legal fees. If you have some ability to pay legal fees but cannot afford an attorney’s regular rate, you may qualify for a referral through the NH Modest Means Legal Program.


Where is the NH Lawyer Referral Service located?

The NH Lawyer Referral Service is located at the New Hampshire Bar Center in Concord, but has attorneys located throughout New Hampshire. LRS does not provide on-site consultations or walk-in services.


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