NH Bans Campaign Apparel Inside Polling Places

campaign-buttons_russwalker_fccNH state law prohibits people from wearing campaign paraphernalia such as buttons, stickers or clothing supporting specific candidates inside polling places. Violators could face fines of up to $1000.

According to Allie Morris, State House reporter for the Concord Monitor, Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan is advising moderators to have ponchos on hand for voters wearing campaign shirts at the polls to cover up with.

“Electioneering in the polling place is not permitted generally,” Scanlan said. “If you have the same design on a campaign sign as you do on a sweatshirt, it’s effectively the same thing.”

Some people feel this is a violation of the freedom of speech.  Republican Rep. Dennis Fields, who filed the legislation at the secretary of state’s request, says the law’s intent is to prevent people from wearing items that might sway or intimidate voters.

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For information about the 2016 changes to election laws and the voter ID law, go to the NH Secretary of State’s Office website.

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NH’s New Voter ID Law

Photo by Theresa Thompson

From the NH Secretary of State’s Office:

During the 2012 legislative session the legislature passed House Bill 1354, also known as the “Voter ID” Law. The new law will phase-in a photo identification requirement over a period of time.

This explanatory document is required under the “Voter ID” law as part of the process of educating the public about the law’s requirements and application and outlines the law’s requirements for 2012.

What type of photo ID will I need in order to vote?
For any election before Sept. 1, 2013, you will be asked to provide one of the following: Driver’s license issued by any state (even if expired); ID card issued by NH DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles); U.S. Armed Services ID card; U.S. Passport (even if expired); Valid photo ID card issued by either the federal government or a state, county or municipal government; Valid student ID card Other photo ID deemed legitimate by the supervisors of the checklist, the moderator, or the clerk; or Verification of identity by a supervisor of the checklist, the moderator or the clerk.

What if I do not have an approved photo ID?
Before November 1, 2012, any voter who does not present an approved photo ID will be informed of the new law and permitted to vote.  Between November 1, 2012 and September 1, 2013, any voter who does not present an approved photo ID will be permitted to vote after executing a “challenged voter affidavit.”

A voter who does not have an approved photo ID may obtain a free photo ID for voting purposes only by presenting a voucher from their town/city clerk or the Secretary of State to any NH DMV office that issues identification.

Is there any post-election action required by me after I vote without an approved photo ID?
After November 1, 2012, if you filled out a “challenged voter affidavit” in order to vote on Election Day, you will receive a verification letter from the Secretary of State, requesting confirmation that you voted in the election. If you do not respond in writing to the Secretary of State within 90 days of the date it was mailed, the Attorney General will conduct an investigation to determine whether fraudulent voting occurred.

Where can I get more information?  Your city or town clerk or the Secretary of State