Challenge to NH’s Sex Offender Law

An October 5, 2011 article by the Concord Monitor’s Karen Langley said that the NH Civil Liberties Union recently filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a state law requiring sex offenders to register. Here’s an excerpt:

People convicted of sexual offenses are required to register with the state police and periodically report in person to the local police. The state police maintain a public list of sex offenders with identifying information, such as the offender’s name, physical description, address and convictions. Sex offenders in the most severe category are required to register for life.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in Merrimack County Superior Court, the civil liberties group argued that the law violates a constitutional prohibition on retroactive laws. It also argues that lifelong registration interferes with the due process rights of sex offenders who have no opportunity to show they no longer pose a threat.

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