Did Delayed 911 Response Contribute to Man’s Death?

When Joyce Collins of Brookline, NH dialed 911 for her husband James Collins, the police officer on duty was at the Communications Center in Hollis and did not have the automated external defibrillator with him as was his department’s protocol.  As a result, the officer had to return to the police station to retrieve the AED before going to the Collins’ residence, delaying potential lifesaving treatment for James Collins, who died of an apparent heart attack.

Police protocol requires an officer to place the department AED in the cruiser at the start of the shift and to run through a checklist that includes the AED, flares, batteries, weapon, and other items, before leaving the station.

Read the entire story by Hattie Bernstein, Staff Writer at the Nashua Telegraph.

Perhaps it will never become clear whether Mr. Collins’ life could have been saved in this instance; however, the uncertainty alone can plague survivors and add to their sorrow.  In a case where wrongful death is suspected due to the actions or inactions of another, a consultation with an attorney can help alleviate doubt and clarify legal options.   The Lawyer Referral Service of the NH Bar Association can help by referring you to competent and experienced attorneys to review your case and go over your options.  Call LRS at (603) 229-0002 or request an online referral.